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April 5, 2016 / / TV

I originally came up with idea after observing the changes in my friend’s relationships as well as seeing how people can change when surrounded with different types of people. I believe true drama as well as true comedy comes when we take what we think we know and peel away the layers and when people just decide to embrace what they really want and not what is expected of them, people who shy away from the relationship script.

March 17, 2015 / / TV

Like being rejected when asking for a date, all rejection gets easier over time. You also find out like any art, people have varied views of what they consider good. Just ask someone to name a great movie. Either you will get the same cookie cutter responses like Citizen Kane or a fight over one person thinking their choice is good and the other is complete crap. The point is the creator needs to write what they enjoy and accept that there will be those who won’t like it.