Excerpt 1: In the Absence

My next novel is titled, In the Absence. The overall story is a mix of love and loss story on the backdrop of the end of humanity. This book is my chance to take everything I have learned and combine it with all the things I have wanted to try in a book. Unlike my other novels this book with be graphic in language, sex, violence and theme. So I figure from time to time I will put out little excerpts from the book. I do not think myself as important enough to worry about spoilers, but most of what you will read won’t tell you very much. However, it might be entertaining or get you to want to read the full story. Either way, here it is.

the long cold dark road

The man standing behind a wooden pulpit was a sad caricature of a preacher. He had a pale swollen white face. He was sweating under the cheap lights taking deep breaths between every other word. The white suit he wore was cheap on purpose to fool his prey into thinking he was one of them. The man was not stupid. He chose his words carefully, mixing a tale of the end of days with the hope of salvation only he could help bring. The crowd of people spent little time in the cheap plastic folding chairs. They were not just cheering on his performance, but starting a rallying cry of revolution.

I could blame the crowd for their ignorance, but that would have only shown my own. Like all wars fought by our government, the toll was most taken on those who never held a gun. The people who did not fight suffered even more than those who did. Victory was a word for the rich, powerful and connected. Everyone else just watched more and more freedoms taken from them and less and less of an ability to peruse happiness.

A story of how the world would end and that the humble and meek would inherit the earth was more soothing than music to the masses. It was in fact a sirens song to lure the few coins they held in their pockets into his baskets. I saw in him a traitor, not to a country or flag, but to humanity. We were all suffering and he literally and figuratively was taking the food from their mouths. 

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