The Making of the Alt F4 Intro

Back when I was just a lad I used to freestyle rap with my friends. We would get instrumentals and freestyle over pretty much everything and have a great time doing so. I was never good enough to do more than just play around with my friends, but I loved doing it and when we created the web series, Alt F4, I wanted something a little edgy as an intro, but something still funny and playful at the same time. So I decided to take a page from my friend, Jace Hall.

I had seen a lot of his videos and meeting the man himself and seeing him freestyle in his Twitch channel, I was inspired to create my own little intro for the show. Believe me I was a bit nervous because even though this is a tiny show in the World Wide Web, you are still putting yourself out there and there is always a risk with that, but hey, what’s the worst that can happen.

So I first thought of what Alt F4 was about. The show is about swagger, about bragging and being the best, so the intro had to have that in it, almost like a rap battle. Of course, it also had to be game related so I found my beat from Wu Tang Clan and wrote the lyrics:

I got game, my aim is true, battles, I’m straight winning it,

From FP to RT, S, I’m all into it

I’ve seen your words online, now its game time

We all know that you’re just talk, now you’re all mine

LoL, BF, Madden, it’s all the same

A serial killer, committing murder, inside a game

Now you’re beaten, yelling out, player, no more

Back to the minors, rookie

Gamer over, Alt F4

I recorded it on my PC and after several tries, while it isn’t perfect, I was happy enough and so it was released. Honestly, I was expecting laughter and even some hate, but pretty much everyone liked it and so there you have it, the making of the Alt F4 intro. Now, I’m ready to challenge Jace to a rap battle.

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