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It is said that depending on how you grow up and what you specific experiences are that will define what kind of relationships you will have with people as an adult. I believe that mainly because of my own experience and how it has changed how I look at modern relationships.

Everyone has a story and I always felt that there are so many types of relationship stories that are not told especially the ones that are unorthodox. While my novel writing is more sci-fi supernatural based, for television I love comedy and so I wanted to bring an outsiders view of relationships and tell stories of relationships a little different from what people consider the norm.

My new project, Relations, covers just that. The story follows five friends in their late twenties to early thirties that receive the deal of a lifetime.  A free apartment on the beach in Miami, as far as they know it is a social experiment, all they have to do is mingle and be personal with the other residents and once a day talk about their experiences in a small recording booth located in each apartment.

What they don’t realize is that their apartments are wired with hidden microphones and cameras and their lives are being examined. In addition, their neighbors are populated with couples as well as individuals that have unorthodox relationships, fetishes or beliefs.  The goal is to see how their “test couples” relationship fairs when surrounded by the others.

I originally came up with idea after observing the changes in my friend’s relationships as well as seeing how people can change when surrounded with different types of people. I believe true drama as well as true comedy comes when we take what we think we know and peel away the layers and when people just decide to embrace what they really want and not what is expected of them, people who shy away from the relationship script.

The great thing about this project is it does not just show new types of relationships by examines the ones we already think we know about. As the episodes unfold you will learn about the main test couple and how their relationship unfolds and evolves based on their experiences with the people in the building. One of the most interesting characters is their single relationship hating friend and how he deals with being in this strange new environment.

Finally there is the unfolding of the mystery as to why this experiment was created, the people behind it and the lengths they will go to keep it running and out of public view.

I was always the fan of the comedy series that followed a storyline as well, classic shows like Benson, and newer shows like Arrested Development. I also am a big fan of the styles found in Seinfeld and its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. My goal is to always make it funny first, but add more, enough that you want to come back week after week to see what happens next.

I think this is a perfect time to tell this type of story and we all hope everyone else will agree.

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