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AmazonStudiosLike anything in this world you have to step out, step forward to get to where you want to go. Long time ago I made the first step by writing down a short story and showing it to my friends. When it came time to submit my work online to a workshop it was a frightening experience, but you get over it pretty quick.

I think you have to understand that no matter how much you work on your craft there will always be more work to do. You will never please everyone and sometimes you won’t even please yourself, but you have to put yourself out there and be prepared for the good, but mostly the bad because that is what comes back the most.

The funny thing about writing is you have those that love just knowing they are working on something. The guy that has been writing a novel for ten years and swears that’s the best way to do it, then you have the guy who rushes out anything to try and make a buck. Then you have us, in the middle who try to do it right but not take too long because you need to get on the next step or steps as they really are.

Like being rejected when asking for a date, all rejection gets easier over time. You also find out like any art, people have varied views of what they consider good. Just ask someone to name a great movie. Either you will get the same cookie cutter responses like Citizen Kane or a fight over one person thinking their choice is good and the other is complete crap. The point is the creator needs to write what they enjoy and accept that there will be those who won’t like it.

The key is to keep going and so I begin the real push towards script writing. Most of the other writers in film school are looking towards feature films. I prefer television because it feels more like a book worthy story could be told. Just typing that makes me laugh since so many authors hate, or claim to hate television. One of my professors was so surprised I wrote three novels and want to write for television.

Well I do. I love comedy in television. I am a longtime Seinfeld fan and like the more dialog based comedy, single camera, no audience or laugh track like, it’s Always Sunny.  Before I even thought of going to film school I wrote a series of mini scripts for a short I called, Dinner Theater which is based of dinner conversations I have been part of. I knew I loved writing comedy and specifically dialog, so when I began film school I focused on that.

I pay close attention to the television networks and online series and companies like Netflix and Hulu. Honestly, I rather write a show for one of them than network. I began working on a sitcom called Relations. It was my anti-relationship sitcom to make fun of other sitcoms as well as explore relationships you normally don’t see.

I came across Amazon Studios while watching shows on Amazon Prime video and learned they are looking for shows that are different than what you would see on network television and so I submitted a script. I have no idea what will happen, but just like my novels, you have to put your work out there and see what happens.

J.A. Laraque at Amazon Studios

So the journey continues, my fourth novel is coming along as well as my television scripts and of course all the changes with Obsolete Gamer and other article writing endeavors. If you are interest in checking out my project you can follow it via this link.

Onward and Forward.

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