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December 27, 2015 / / One

What did I do, I stepped away and worked on my other novels. I was scared. Scared to fail, scared it wasn’t good enough, scared to succeed. However, I kept writing and I thought that was good enough. As time went on I came back to the story and polished it over and over, but I was never trained in writing and even with friends who read it for me and helped me edit it, I felt there must be a mistake I missed, a typo, a comma missing, something. Finally, a good friend told me to just do it. Forget the rewrites and get it out there. Sounds simple and in the end it was. Places like Amazon and Google and even ITunes makes it simple to self-publish. The hardest part is letting go and putting it out there.

January 22, 2015 / / In the Absence

My next novel is titled, In the Absence. The overall story is a mix of love and loss story on the backdrop of the end of humanity. This book is my chance to take everything I have learned and combine it with all the things I have wanted to try in a book. Unlike my other novels this book with be graphic in language, sex, violence and theme. So I figure from time to time I will put out little excerpts from the book. I do not think myself as important enough to worry about spoilers, but most of what you will read won’t tell you very much. However, it might be entertaining or get you to want to read the full story. Either way, here it is.

January 6, 2015 / / Novels

After putting together the first pieces in 2008, I’m happy to final published my third novel. This is my first step into a more action/adventure type book mixing the supernatural and swordplay. This is book 1 of 5, so I guess this makes the series my Harry Potter or Dark Tower. One can only hope. Within the next week the book will be available on all major platforms including iTunes, Nook and Google Play.