The Creative Journey

Writing and being creative in general is a great journey and if you really love it then it doesn’t matter how much you have while you are making that trip or what you destination is. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you get there as long as you have great adventures along the by j.a. laraque

Mine began with storytelling which I found translated to writing so I began with short stories and then moved on to longer form until I began publishing my first novels. Along the way, like many teens, my age, I got into gaming and computers and more roads and destinations opened up to me.

It can get crazy because some want you to be focused on your path. Lock in that destination. No stops at all. Get to where you are going and then enjoy yourself. I knew what I loved, but the destination was so far and the trip, so much fun.

Film school was as much about contacts and collaboration as learning.  Again, more roads opened. There were more people to meet and fond memories gained. Now the road opens up and the destination is clearer, but to my surprise there so many more stops along to way and I may make one of them my home.